Full Circle Health Care, LLC

An Independently Owned and Operated Family Practice and Occupational Health Center

Full Circle Health Care is a ten year old independent family practice located in beautiful Presque Isle, a small University town surrounded by the farms, forests and rivers of Northern Maine. We enjoy well-established connections with health care leaders all over our State, as well as within our community: We support local food, energy, housing and transportation innovations. Within the Full Circle staff, we are committed to supporting each other while we work to provide the very best medical care for our patients. We have fantastic IT partners, with an award winning EMR system (Athenahealth) that has been rated by primary care providers as one of the best in the country!

Presque Isle is in Aroostook County, the northern- most County in Maine and the largest County east of the Mississippi River. Aroostook County is bordered on three sides by Canada, with whom we share vibrant French Acadian and Native American cultures. Additionally, in the last 5 years a flourishing Amish community has established itself here. Aroostook County has a remarkable diversity of life styles: Anyone who comes here to live and to work, no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation, can find a welcoming home. There is much work to do, and we need every willing hand and open heart.

Full Circle Health Care is very active in health care reform. We work with other innovative providers of behavioral and home health care services in our area to create new ways to address the health care needs of seniors and people struggling with physical and mental disabilities. We advocate for all our patients and believe strongly that every individual needs to participate fully in making decisions about the health care they choose to receive. We believe patients are healthier and happier if we can keep them out of the hospital and in the least restrictive environment possible. Sometimes our patients need services that are only available from specialists and hospitals, but since we are an independent medical practice and not affiliated with any hospital system or governmental program, we are completely free to refer to the specialists and hospitals that fit the needs of each individual patient. We refer patients from our office to specialists and hospitals all over the state of Maine.

Being independent also gives us unique flexibility in scheduling where and how we give care to our patients. For example, occasionally a home visit is the best thing to do. Our flexibility also allows us to meet the personal and family needs of our staff, helping us to support each other as a team. It has allowed us to participate in innovative and collaborative projects aimed at improving the general health of not only our patients but everyone in our community.

American medicine in the last twenty years has moved forcefully to consolidate all health care services into conglomerations of huge and powerful health care corporations containing multiple hospitals, out-patient offices and specialty clinics. But these huge health care systems are having difficulty adapting to recent health care reforms. For those reforms to work, health care providers need enough time during office visits to develop an open, trusting and informed relationship with their patients. Then, those providers need a process that allows an engaged office staff to fully support the provider’s plan of care, maintaining good communication between the provider, patient and all the different places where that patient gets health care services: hospitals, specialty physicians, pharmacies, labs, physical therapy offices, medical supply stores, and much more. Giving our providers the time and support they need to do their job well is one of our highest priorities!

The next ten to twenty years will bring great changes to communities all over the world. We need to be flexible, resilient and ready to help our towns and communities transition safely into the future and we need providers who want to be part of that work. You will never find another place where you can have more impact on the health and well-being of an individual, a family, or an entire community. Join us!